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Membership in the Pioneer Chapter Riders Club (PCRC) is open to anyone who:

  1. Owns and operates a V-Twin motorcycle.


  1. Is a spouse, domestic partner, or regular passenger of a member who owns and operates a V-Twin motorcycle.


  1. Wants to be part of the"Pioneer Chapter Family"

Members have all rights and privileges accorded to them by the organization’s Bylaws

Memberships are valid until the next January 1.

If you'd like to join us...

- You can Join or Renew Online with a Credit Card or PayPal Account

- You can join or renew by sending a check or a money order to us:

Here's what we need from you:
If you'd like a receipt, we'll be happy to provide one if you ask. Please state whether you'd prefer an email receipt, or a paper receipt via US Postal.

Mail the information and the check/money order to:

Doug Bruns
19219 Estate Ave
Farmington MN 55024

If you have any questions, please contact Chuck Barsness via email or by letter:

Chuck Barsness
428 Orchard Lane
So St Paul MN 55075